Mobile Data Extractor in Karachi
Email Data Extractor

Mobile Data Extractor in Karachi

Now Collect Mobile Numbers from web on bulk level. Make your own big mobile numbers list. Also collects phone and fax numbers. As it is not a limited version, so you can use it for ever. Complete support, how to use it available. Powerful mobile-number-email-harvesting tool.

100% Moneyback Guarantee.

mobile data extractor, harvester

Price: Only 2000/- Rs.


1. What if, it does'nt work after purchase?

A. Your money is 100% safe, We will check it, if it will really not working with hardware requirements stated, then your 100% money will be refundable.

2. Do you also provide any support, how to install and configure it?

A. Yes, if required, complete support will be provided. Mobile data + Email extractor is very easy to use. After Installation , enter any domain name eg: url of any buisness web directory and then it will start collecting data from there.

3. Can I purchase it with Easypaisa or Online banking?

A. Yes, SMS sender can be purchased in any city of Pakistan with EasyPaisa or via Habib Metropolitan Bank Online Banking.


Details: How to Pay


When your payment is confirmed, We will send it to your Email address. Or Provide link from where you can Download Or you can buy it by visiting our office. Which method you like.